Welcome to LiftOff Home

Launching ‘LiftOff Home’

Since the government’s restrictions were imposed on Friday night, we have been working hard (and quickly!) to finalise the details of our new home workout programme. It is therefore with great excitement that we welcome you to join LiftOff Home!

We’re going to be honest with you – we are in the experimental phase….

There will be teething problems, and no doubt a few frustrations, while we iron out any problems that arise during full-member rollout. However, we are excited, keen and hardworking – we will make this work, and work well, with a little patience and understanding all round! Our members have all been utterly amazing in the continued support they are showing, with many coming up with great, and constructive ideas and offers to help – thank you so much!

What is LiftOff Home and how will it work?

Special daily WODs will be programmed in keeping with our usual style of training but factoring in equipment and space restrictions. These WODs will form the basis of both the live classes (see below) and, to ensure that all members have equal access to the training regime at any time of day,. Daily video demonstrations of each prescribed movements will be posted to YouTube. The YouTube link will be added to SugarWOD.

LiftOff Home – Live classes??

Yes – we have devised a series of 12 live classes per day – each taken by a dedicated coach. The classes will be delivered over one or more easy-to-use video conferencing platforms.

Why bother if the session is on YouTube?

We see real value in maintaining live classes for those who are able to sign-up and make the times available. We will be limiting class sizes to five members – that way the class remains interactive and the coach can see (via the video link) the relevant class members, to advise on technique and address and problem areas. It will also enable a degree of interactivity – members can ask the coaches for advice along the way, without the whole thing becoming unmanageable.

However, with 12 live classes per day, that still means that up to 60 members can take part in a class each day, so ‘near normal’ (whatever that means these days…) availability.

Clearly the global demand for video-streaming services will have dramatically increased over the past few weeks and this could potentially impact on streaming quality, lag and dropping out. We won’t know the extent to which (if any) that might have on the quality of streaming of the live classes until we ‘go live’. That is going to be the steepest learning curve for us and we would please ask you to bear with us if there are some challenges in the initial phases. If one platform isn’t delivering to the standard we need, we will find another. We hope that things will be settled and working well by the end of the first week. Any and all suggestions gratefully received (and thank you to those kind members who have already been offering tech support in the background).

We are intending to use ‘Zoom’ as our first experimental platform – it is easy to access and easy to use (we will be sending out step-by-step instructions tomorrow). We will of course update you immediately if, for any reasons, we have to switch platforms.

So what is the format?

Each class will be scheduled to last for 45 minutes – 30 minutes of workout and 15 minutes for warm up/down. The 12 classes will be scheduled at the following times, with two separate classes in each time slot:

7.00am, 8.00am, 12.00 noon, 1.00pm, 5.00pm, 6.00pm

Members will be required to sign up for each class on TeamUp in the usual way. The coach running the session will then send out a Zoom meeting ID so that members can “dial in” to the video-conference. It is very straightforward to access, but we will post a YouTube link showing people how to download the App and how to then access a class – we will send that link tomorrow.

Do I have to share my video with the coach and class?

No – if you would rather not stream video to the class, that is fine. But we do encourage you to do so to give it more of a class/interactive feel and so that coaches can give you any training tips and improvements.

So when does it all start?

We are launching on Tuesday. Monday will be used to trial the systems and do some dry runs – if we run into any major hurdles we will update you before the end of the day. We will open up TeamUp bookings during the course of the day – please let us know if you have any difficulties in signing up.

Other initiatives

We have been brainstorming other ways we can provide a value added service to our members and we’ll be keeping you posted on these initiatives in the coming week. We are hoping our resident yoga teacher, Ashleigh Mayes, will be able to continue her weekly Saturday sessions by live-streaming to your home. Coach Anne-Lise will be sending out regular workouts for our members’ kids to do to keep them fit and active (and temporarily out of your hair). Again, details on both of these to follow. We will also be looking to lend out some of our gym equipment, including the cardio machines, dumbbells, kettlebells and plates. More on this next week.

We can do this. So can you. Better together!

The LiftOff Team