James Wilkinson

Owner / Deputy Coach

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. I started working as a personal trainer for a large gym chain and over the years I’ve opened 3 gyms. I now predominantly work mentoring our coaches at Lift Off. The one thing that has stayed constant for me is the pursuit of being the best coach I can be. This has taken me from learning about movement, nutrition, injury prevention and sport but has always returned to cultivating and developing better relationships.
I plan to work within the fitness industry for the rest of my life either helping clients directly or assisting coaches to deliver the same advice. I am incredibly proud to be part of the LiftOff team.

Craig Hardingham

Owner / Coach / Sports Therapist

When you find fitness fun and social as I do, then it’s an obligation to create an environment where people can share the same experience. Lift Off is exactly that. It’s allowed me to combine my two biggest passions; sports therapy and fitness.

I’m a huge fan of coffee, dark chocolate, burgers and learning. I love helping people achieve their goals and actively promote a healthier lifestyle.

Sam Saunders

Hi, my name is Sam and I am a coach here at LiftOff Gym. Since starting my career, I have been constantly learning to increase my knowledge daily in the areas of physical training, nutrition and what lifestyle choices can benefit people to help towards their goals. 

My passion is helping people improve their health and wellbeing to live a long, happy life. 



Hi, I am Laura. I regard myself as an innovative coaching professional that has been in the health and fitness arena for 16 years. My biggest passion is within female health and performance.

This new direction of coaching has stemmed from my individual experiences as an athlete within the sport of fitness. My own health and performance disturbances occurred as a result of working against my physiology since the bulk of available and accessible information is rooted in male research.


Tors Kemp


Hey, I am Torz, one of the coaches as Lift Off Gym and a specialist in all things women’s health, both pre and post natal. I am a mum of two goregous girls, and it was this journey into motherhood that brought me to where I am today. My post partum story is filled with mistakes and consequences, but one that has led me to a new and exciting mission. As a woman and mum, I have experienced the lack of support, education and guidance during post partum life. I experienced first hand the negative effects of pushing too hard in training and was following a very generalised fitness class. I was not listening to my body or nourishing myself in the right way. My body image and getting back to my pre-baby body became an obsession. Even when I started to see results, I simply started to train harder. I neglected the fact that I had had two relatively traumatic labours within 2 years and simply wasn’t giving my body or mind the care it deserved.


Anne-Lise Fitzgerald


I have always been passionate about fitness, and started my coaching career whilst still living in Singapore in 2010. We moved away and although fitness was always a way of life, it was when I joined Lift Off in 2015 that I rediscovered my love for this way of staying active. The combination of strength, conditioning and focus on technique is super effective and I love the fact I have never been stronger and fitter. The amazing community feel is something I have never experienced elsewhere, and I was quickly hooked. I had been a vet for 11 years, a mum for nearly 4, and really felt that I wanted to focus on helping others experience the positive changes I have enjoyed. I really want to be a good role model for my daughter and other children as a fit, strong and healthy woman. I believe if you make fitness fun you can help them build foundations for a lifetime of health, building confidence and reducing injuries at the same time.


Mike Gornall


Health and fitness came to me as a teenager. It served me many life lessons, both positive and negative. I’ve lived years of it consuming my every waking minute, along with years of turning my back on it. (more…)


After being an international Flight Attendant for 12 years and enjoying the lifestyle that it brings, I have soon come to realise it isn’t the healthiest. I found fitness and training was my passion and I completed my personal training certificate in 2015. My interest lies in nutrition, and I’ve since become a qualified Nutrition Coach. I offer personalised nutritional programming, with an emphasis on the individual, whether your goals are weight loss, muscle gain or optimal performance.

I believe we are all able to achieve our fitness and nutrition goals without it adding more stress to our busy lives. I aim to educate my clients around nutrition, making their goals achievable within their current lifestyle.