The festive Bulge

Dealing with the festive bulge…

Christmas and New Year are a time when we are bombarded with social events and family events that almost always involve, an excess of alcohol and food, much of which isn’t of the best quality!

This can be a tricky time if you are working towards any sort of body composition or even performance goals. Especially when the family members may not share your enthusiasm for keeping on top of your nutrition.


So here are some really simple strategies to help deal with the festive period.

  1. If you have a ‘bad day’ don’t let that then derail all the hard work you may have been putting in up until this point. You can’t undo the 30 sausage rolls and half ton of Christmas cake that you had on Christmas Day. So trying to ‘make up’ for it over the next few days by starving yourself or worse just falling further off the wagon and continuing that, just accept it and move on!
  2. Go into the holidays with a plan! If you know you have certain days or occasions where it is unavoidable to eat poor quality food and drink alcohol then make sure the other days you are on point!
  3. Keep getting some form of exercise in during the time when gyms are out of the question. This can be simple workouts at home, walks or running (LiftOff is only closed for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day!)
  4. When eating large meals, take your time, chew each mouthful a lot, try and fill up on meat and veg so that you are less inclined to binge on the sugar fest at the end. Read my digestion article on why this can be so important.
  5. Make a decision. Are you going to work hard to be pretty strict? Are you going to be chilled about what you eat? Are you going to go all in and eat everything in sight and get pissed every day? Whatever you decide, just accept the consequences and don’t beat yourself up about it. Then move on. Nothing worse as a coach than hearing people moaning and whining about having over eaten all Christmas. It is what it is, just accept it and move on! If you stay strict, same applies, don’t moan about it and make out like its a huge chore, just quietly get on with it and be comfortable with the fact that this is a choice you made.

Whatever happens in terms of eating/lifestyle over Christmas, make sure you do one thing…enjoy it!! Wether that is being with family you haven’t seen in a while, watching your kids opening presents or just spending the day with your partner. Be thankful, because despite all our own personal problems and battles we live in a world of plenty…!

For those of you in the emergency services or health care, take care as you work those shifts when the rest of us are tucked up at home!