The Deadlift – A quick guide


5  Top Tips for Deadlifting success

  1. Top down set up- when you’re new to deadlifting, going through your bracing sequence and locking down before you grab the bar will help you keep your back tight. This is extremely important. If we lose position before even putting our hands round the bar we will struggle to maintain it when pulling from the floor.
  2. Touch the bar- getting as close to the bar as possible makes a huge difference to the initiation of the pull. We suggest shins touching the bar, the bar should stay as close to the body as possible through out the lift. The most efficient way from A to B is in a straight line, thin k of your bar path as you lift.
  3.  Get over the bar- the closer your hip can be over the bar the more you can make the most of your natural levels and anchor points.
  4. Push through your feet- so often a perfect set up position is lost on the initiation of the pull due to a lack of glute activation and letting your hips prematurely rise. Focus on pushing the ground away with your feet, another cue is to feel the weight in your heels to engage your posterior chain.
  5.   Finish the rep- the top of the rep is you standing tall, with your knees and hips all fully extended, your shoulders back with your abs and glutes tight. Do not over extend the lower back or lean back, this is not needed and puts the lumbar under excessive pressure.

The Deadlift is one the most primal and brutal exercises around. It is just picking up something heavy and putting it down again. Learning how to do it safely and efficiently is so important, we focus on good mechanics consistently before we add intensity in the form of extra weight.