Reflecting on The LiftOff Lockdown Experience

The announcement of a nation-wide lockdown on 21st March 2020 and, along with it, the closure of gyms, came as a massive shock to many. While we were all aware of its necessity to safe lives and combat the threat of Covid-19, it still hit us hard. Regular gym-goers were left with a pretty big void to fill. People use gyms for a number of reasons. For some, it’s to change their body shape. For others it’s about staying fit for life, to relieve stress or to enjoy the social experience. All of this was taken away with the closure of gyms.

As a reaction, the nation turned to running. Many donned their running shoes for the first time in years (or ever) and took up variations of “couch to 5k”. If people didn’t run, they relied on home workouts, following “instagrammers” and “you-tubers”, with lots of squats and star jumps.

The LiftOff Approach to Lockdown

At the onset of lockdown, LiftOff chose to be different and created something totally new. We offered, in our opinion, an unparalleled level of service with the launch of ‘LiftOff Home’. This provided our members with a structured, progressive training programme. It allowed our clients to train regularly and ensure they kept their fitness or, in some cases, even see an improvement.

We provided on-line classes, limited in size, to create a small and personal set-up, much like our regular pre-lockdown class format. It wasn’t a zoom class open to unlimited attendees. Instead, our small group sessions enabled us to offer the high level of coaching that our members expect, along with an atmosphere that allowed for communication and socialising. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the LiftOff Home experience, so much so that we have maintained a daily zoom class to this day.

Overcoming the Challenges of Lockdown

As successful as ‘LiftOff Home’ was, it couldn’t counter all the challenges lockdown presented us with. We were aware many people were still struggling with feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety. The potential for over training and therefore injury was also rife. Our response was to continue our Hybrid Membership service. In addition to regular classes, this entitled our members to one-to-one time with their assigned coach to help manage their training and offer lifestyle advice.

LiftOff’s Learning Curve

The team at LiftOff could not be more proud of the service we provided during this difficult and unprecedented time. It has been an invaluable learning experience too, something from which we can grow and become stronger. No one can predict what challenges we might face in the coming months but we feel we are positioned perfectly to continue our level of service no matter what restrictions might be applied.

At LiftOff Gym, we strive to maintain professionalism and excellence, be it in person or in a virtual space. If you want to learn more about what we offer and how we differ to other gyms our there, please get in contact.

Coach James