Post Workout Nutrition Protocols

An often asked question of the coaches is what to eat after training. Here are some basic protocols to follow, these are essential for recovery and therefore performance but will also help with body composition if that is a goal too.

  • Aim to take in a protein and carbohydrate source immediately after training, within 30-60 minutes of training. This is when insulin sensitivity is highest and therefore uptake of macronutrients will be most beneficial.
  • Ideally this should be in liquid form to speed up GI tract absorption.
  • The ratios of Protein:Carbs should be 1:3 or possibly higher carbs if you trained for an hour or more at high intensity.

This protocol will help to:

– prevent catabolism (the breakdown of muscle) which is essentially what takes place when you train.

  • Restore glycogen levels, important if you don’t want to completely crash and burn later in the day or struggle to train the day after.
  • Increases the anabolic activation. This is essentially muscle growth!

If you want to increase performance and look better naked start implementing these protocols! I would recommend using whey protein and maltodextrin in your post workout shakes. These are cheap, well proven supplements.

Get those gainz.