What goes into planning young kids classes? 

The planning of kids classes


When people see my board for younger kids classes, they see a bunch of drawings, some magnets, a few lines and a date at the top. They then spend at least 10 minutes deciphering it! However more thought goes into it than just selecting which animals I’m going to draw on the board. 


When I plan my lessons, a few things get considered. My classes follow the school year, and so the first thing I do is think of a theme or movement/ pattern to work on during the half term. This will then be incorporated in each class. 

Secondly I make sure that we challenge the (VS) vestibular system each class. This may be included in the half-termly theme, but if it isn’t, I ensure that I put it in the programming. Movements that challenge the VS include forward rolls, crab walks, wall walks and log rolls. 


Then I ensure there’s an impact element. This is essential for healthy bone growth, and it allows me to see whether the children have any issues (such as ankle rolling and landing on both feet). So we jump- forwards, backwards, sideways, on one leg, on two, up and down. 


I start getting them to work on their core. Some are too young to truly understand the movement, however they’re not too young to practice superman and bananas!  


I always think about safety. The room is always set up  before the class starts, any distracting objects are removed, padding is placed where needed. Nothing is ever 100% safe, but it is a huge priority for me. This also means that when I plan my lesson I ensure that there is just one ‘tricky’ part where the children may need help. 


Finally, I want the children to have fun. If they don’t have fun, they won’t come back. If they don’t come back they may be put off exercise and I will have failed them. So whilst all this planning goes on in my head, all they see is learning new skills, having fun, and having a weird board to decipher every Sunday! 

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