How to lift more in the Olympic Lifts…..

Wanna lift more? Here is how….

Everyone wants to add weight to their clean and snatch. Or at least most people do! The best way to do this is actually pretty simple.

Get stronger outside of the lifts. Get stronger in your squat, deadlift, pulls from the floor, press and pullups, midline stability, single leg stability and ensure you do so with good movement quality. This builds your bodies capacity to actually move the load you want to snatch.

Make sure you have the required range of motion. If you cannot comfortable overhead squat an empty bar, or hold a front rack position, how do you expect to get into this positions during a dynamic movement under maximal loading? Your central nervous system has to be given the time to adapt to the new ranges of motion you create, and then it has to get strong in those ranges.

This means that constantly trying to hit big weights in a clean, whilst also trying to improve front rack mobility will see much slower progress than if you were to keep the cleans light allowing your body to actually move into the new range in the movement you are looking to improve this. Think of your CNS as a barrier. If it feels unsafe (eg maximal loads in a clean) the barriers crash down and you revert to what your body knows best…..poor positions, no matter how much stretching you’ve just done. If we keep the loads lower, then your body will allow you to catch the bar in that newer range and slowly, over time, this becomes your motor pattern for that movement and you will be able to catch heavy loads in the clean.

Work on technical mastery. This has to be done at lower loads! You simply cannot change movement at heavy loads. So as we work on technique in classes, we force you to stay light. This is the time to iron out bad habits and work on building good habits in the lifts. Much similar theory as to that above in regards to mobility.

Be patient and forget your ego. Mastery in any craft takes time, lots of time. It also takes mindful practice where you actually think about what you are doing rather than just blindly repping it out. So if you are hitting messy reps and it is not a day that you are testing the lifts then drop the weight, otherwise you are literally teaching yourself how to fail!

Essentially stop chasing weight every class and be focused on quality reps at lower load. Then the big numbers will come.

The best in the world, at any skill have spent hour upon hour upon doing the boring, basic shit. Why are you or I any different? If you really want to get good at stuff, then settle in for the long haul.