LiftOff CrossFit – Programming Insights Part 1
    Programming insights: I’m going to start posting small insights into how and why I programme the way I do for the gym. Today I will talk about Monday’s session: Monday 29th September Warm up + Med ball Clean Practice* We do dynamic range of motion stuff to warm up every day here at
Pullups – Kipping or Strict?
      When discussing kipping, its best first to address the various posts, comments and general discussion there are across the Internet on “is kipping a good idea?”. This question has got people heated on both sides, general fitness culture and bodybuilding consider kipping to be a “cheat”, some other fitness professionals and therapists
Foot Positioning in the Squat
The Kelly Starrett hype on movement/mobility has led to large discussions on the foot position during squatting. As a result, much like sports medicine, there are arguments/evidence for and against certain modalities for treatment. Individuality is key here in my opinion and plays a part in most of my clinic reasoning for treatment of injuries/movement
  In CrossFit we aim to increase your general physical preparedness (GPP) across all domains of physical movement. This means that we encourage people to try and be good at everything and become as well rounded as possible. The original idea behind this was that those in the military, emergency and rescue services needed to
  A guide to the language of programming So sometimes you might hear us as coaches throwing some pretty unfamiliar terms at you in reference to the programming, so here is a bit of a breakdown of some of the terms we use! Aerobic Aerobic comes from a Greek word meaning air. It is used
Sieve Creative helps new CrossFit box to ‘Lift Off’
Sieve Creative has been working with new CrossFit box, Lift Off CrossFit in Bishop Stortford, to develop their new brand identity, website and photography. Offering a wide range of services from branding and graphic design through to responsive website design (mobile and tablet friendly) and exhibition stand graphics, Sieve Creative also provide high quality photography
The squat is one of the most commonly used exercises for strengthening the lower body. It is excellent for training the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. It is the quintessential hip extension exercise and hip extension is the foundation of all good human movement. Powerful, controlled hip extension is necessary and nearly sufficient for