Health Hack 1 Don’t wear sunglasses in the morning for better sleep! Natural outdoor light hitting the eyes and skin in the morning can help to reset our natural bio rhythms that humans have lived by for thousands of years – the rise and fall of the sun. With work, stress levels high at all
Compensation Training…
What is Compensation Training? A term I just made up! It is something I witness week in and week out – people who have been on holiday, a boozy weekend, injured or a patch of bad food choices going ALL IN on training at the gym and unintentionally overtraining.  Is it bad? Well it ain’t
How much should kids train…?
Not sure how much your kids should be moving? So we know adults need 30 minutes of exercise five times a week (minimum!) and at our gym, we aim to help as many people in Bishops Stortford achieve this as possible! But what about our kids? Well guidelines suggest a minimum of 60 minutes a
Men and Mental Health – Time to talk…
Men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women…in 2015 75% of suicides were committed by men. In England and Wales the most common cause of death for males aged 20-49 years old is suicide. Scary figures and something I was completely unaware of until recently. When I think back to serving as
Sleep and how it affects digestion…
Sleep and Digestion… Over the past few weeks we learnt that sleep is pretty important for a variety of reasons (apart from looking more human and less panda like!) This week we look at its impact on our digestion! We know that eating too much will lead to weight gain. We know that not exercising
How to start repairing your leaky gut…
  Repairing Leaky Gut… Leaky gut is one of the biggest problems in the western world and can lead to many health problems. There are many simple ways that we can start to rebuild our gut health. The first step is to eliminate the triggers contributing to damaging your gut health. This is known as
Why do you keep getting sick…a lack of sleep?
Sleep and how it affects us Last week we spoke about the effects of sleep (and lack of) on our brain. This week, we will focus on its effect on our immune system. Our bodies are not made up of completely separate systems. We often make the mistake of thinking that because we have an
Over the last few decades we have lost many of the habits and foods that were supportive to our gut health. For many of us, this has thrown the balance of ‘good bacteria’ in our gut microbiome out of kilter. This is a result of a number of factors  1 – The corruption of our
Gut Health – How leaky gut can affect you!
We identified last week some of the signs and symptoms that could be a result of poor gut health however how does the gut contribute to these conditions Within our gut, each of us have a unique ecosystem of micro organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and parasites) that make up whats known as our gut
Sleep and the Brain
For the next few weeks I’m going to concentrate on sleep…. We all know we need it, and usually we’d all like more of it, but why do we need it? Because we’re grumpy without it? Or is there more to lack of sleep? And is more caffeine a remedy to lack of sleep? Do