LiftOff Gym: We’ve Changed, Have You?
As one of the founders of LiftOff gym, I often have to remind myself just how much we have grown and adapted as a business since we opened in 2014. From the team, to the infrastructure, to our business model, so much has changed. But what was the driving force behind this change and why
Why Competition Is Healthy
Competition is something that surrounds us everyday, in one way or another. Whether it is in sport, where individuals or teams compete against each other to be best at their chosen skillset. Or, in business, where companies work to create the next best product, ahead of rival companies. And, my personal favourite, competing against yourself;
Learning from the Pandemic – Help your Children Be Their Own Architect
The pandemic has been incredibly tough, and continues to be so. People across the globe are still suffering tremendously from the effects and the fall out. So the last thing I would want to do is trivialise the situation with pointers for how a little more “self work” could make everyone better off. But what
Supporting Local Businesses: Member Discounts Scheme
It seems more important than ever to lend our support to other small local businesses. In that vain we have been busy negotiating discounts with some of our favourite Stortford restaurants, shops and suppliers. The full list of current businesses participating in our scheme is set out below. All you have to do to claim
Training and Nutrition During the Menopause
Menopause. Something every woman knows they will experience eventually, yet something that is very rarely talked about. It refers to a time in a woman’s life when they reach a certain age, their periods have ceased for at least a year and they are no longer able to get pregnant. All women experience it, with
Understanding ‘DOMS’
We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced it, we all recognise the feeling. The dreaded, debilitating, down right nasty ‘DOMS’, or delayed onset muscle soreness. But what do you understand about the term, what it means and how it impacts our progress in the gym? ‘DOMS’ is usually experienced one to two days after a
Lifting Weights Postpartum Safely and Effectively!
Getting back into training can be SO HARD postpartum. This is particularly so if you’re someone who was pretty active before getting pregnant, and/or during pregnancy. It can feel incredibly frustrating when all you want is to get back to your pre-pregnant self, both physically and mentally.  I‘ve been there and can totally understand these
Mental Health and Me: My Story Told My Way
The willingness to open up and talk about mental health issues within today’s society has dramatically improved in recent years. I take huge comfort from this. But I’m also aware we have a long way to go before it’s discussed freely without fear of judgement or reprisal. We still live within a culture of maintaining
Building a Strong Foundation: Start with your Feet!
The average person will walk over 150,000km in their lifetime. That equates to somewhere between 180 and 200 million footsteps. When you think about it, that’s a lot of work for our feet. And yet, how many of us carry out any level of training for our feet? How many of us think of all those
Stress: Could it be stopping you reaching your goals?
The human body is pretty clever. It heals itself from minor (and sometimes major) trauma, can grow and support another life, and can achieve major feats of endurance, strength and resilience. Its capacity to adapt and respond to changing stimulus in the environment is incredible. All of the aforementioned situations promote a stress response in