Tors Kemp

Hey, I am Torz, one of the coaches as Lift Off Gym and a specialist in all things women’s health, both pre and post natal. I am a mum of two goregous girls, and it was this journey into motherhood that brought me to where I am today. My post partum story is filled with mistakes and consequences, but one that has led me to a new and exciting mission. As a woman and mum, I have experienced the lack of support, education and guidance during post partum life. I experienced first hand the negative effects of pushing too hard in training and was following a very generalised fitness class. I was not listening to my body or nourishing myself in the right way. My body image and getting back to my pre-baby body became an obsession. Even when I started to see results, I simply started to train harder. I neglected the fact that I had had two relatively traumatic labours within 2 years and simply wasn’t giving my body or mind the care it deserved.

So why share part of my story? As a result of the mistakes that I made, I have made it my mission to help educate and empower women just like me to take the steps they need to heal their bodies in the right way after giving birth, however far along that path they may be.
I truly believe that exercise can be hugely beneficial both mentally and physically for new mums. This must, however, be implemented in the correct way. Jumping back into a generalised fitness class or exercise programme will not be the best thing for your body, regardless of how “easy” your labour or how good you feel postpartum.
For long term health and performance, in both daily life and in an active capacity, I am able to bring the following to new mums:

  • a wealth of knowledge, experience, support, wisdom and empathy
  • a carefully structured postpartum exercise programme designed firstly to regain strength and function in the core and, secondly, to build a strong foundation of strength to get back into training, exercise or whatever activities they love doing
  • an insight into the importance of core and pelvic floor health; its structure, function and the role it plays as part of women’s overall health
  • advice about long term pelvic floor health in order to avoid pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction
    nutritional support and advice to ensure that food and nourishment is supporting their new role as a mum
  • the encouragement to ensure each mum is getting the time they need for self-care and positive mental health.

I am always keen to keep learning and growing as a coach to ensure that I can continue to help as many women as I can. I have recently started to expand my expertise on all things pelvic floor and women’s health into the field of women’s sexual pleasure.