LiftOff Gym: We’ve Changed, Have You?

As one of the founders of LiftOff gym, I often have to remind myself just how much we have grown and adapted as a business since we opened in 2014. From the team, to the infrastructure, to our business model, so much has changed. But what was the driving force behind this change and why do we so firmly believe that we’re the last gym you join 

LiftOff: The Early Days

Looking back to the early days, our induction process consisted of two 1 hour group sessions of anywhere up to 10 people at a time. Following that, members could jump into classes straight away. From the very start, we designed our own workouts for our members, which often reflected the CrossFit style. Kipping pull ups, overhead squats, high volume snatching, and muscle-ups were often sandwiched in between breath zapping, fast paced workouts.  

This was 7 years ago. And we have learned a lot since then!

We have always been blessed with a devoted and dedicated team. Together, we have discussed, debated, educated, lived and breathed everything we were selling to our members. As a result, we felt things needed to change and we found our own way…the Lift Off way!

What did we learn and how did we change?  

While our coaching standards were excellent, our injury rate was too high. We realised that high, overhead volume, performed quickly and under fatigue would often cause a spike in load that wasn’t managed well enough and therefore caused injury. Injuries that stayed around for long periods. We realised that much of our membership base didn’t need the extra physical stress that fast, anaerobic workouts provided. Their stress cup was already full. Being left on the floor, almost being sick following one of our workouts, wasn’t necessary.  

Tendon pain was commonplace and stopped people from training. It left them in pain; just getting out of bed in the morning and walking downstairs would be a struggle. Some would feel chronically tired and stressed, as if they couldn’t recover properly. Something had to change.

One of our biggest lessons was that, following the induction period, potential members wouldn’t sign-up to a membership because they were too scared. They didn’t feel confident in what they had to do and didn’t want to participate in the classes. Those that did join would often require most of the coach’s time in the class because they still didn’t know what they were doing.  

We soon realised that joining in on a class wasn’t the be all and end all of getting fit, strong and healthy.  

So, what’s different with the LiftOff gym experience, 7 YEARS LATER?  

We have learned so many lessons along the way and made significant changes to help us deliver what we believe inWe see health as a long-term commitment and, for that reason, we take the time to make sure our values align with those of our members’. If you want to be fitter, stronger and healthier, for the rest of your life, then we are the gym for you.  

This starts from the minute you first get in touch.

You’ll receive a call within 48 hours from a member of our team who will discuss your goals and motivations. This helps us match you to one of our coaches, the person with whom we feel you’ll have the best fit and with whom you’ll start your journey.

The LiftOff ‘School of Movement’

If you’ve ever walked into a gym and not felt confident, not felt safe, or not known what to do, you don’t have to worry about this again. Your coach will take you through our very own ‘school of movement’ which will build your confidence, show you safe ways to move which are relative to your ability and keep you motivated and accountable. Working on a one-to-one basis, our school of movement helps improve fitness and tissue resilience before entering the group classes. This significantly reduces your chances of picking up a soft tissue injury further down the line.  

It doesn’t matter to us if you’ve been training for three weeks or three years, your coach will have you ready to join our classes.   

LiftOff Group Classes

Our 60-minute group classes are where the fun really starts. You will get fitter, stronger, more confident and learn skills you thought you would never have learned before. You’ll do this alongside people who have made that same investment in their health. Our classes are taken by one of our coaches and they are tough, demanding and will challenge you. They will push you out of your comfort zone, so we get a fitter version of you. That said, with 7 years of experience and smarter programming from us, intensity is used sparingly. We have seen injuries significantly reduce, improved performances and better results.  

Joining LiftOff is more than just joining a group exercise class. You will continually work with your coach who can help you tap into those lifestyle habits that might be undermining your long-term health. Your coach will meet with you regularly to help make changes to any areas of your lifestyle that you would like to improve.   

What keeps our members coming back?

What keeps our members coming back is the results they see, the relationships they build with both their coach and the LiftOff community, the friends they make and the fun they have getting stronger, fitter and healthier. This is why Lift Off will be the last gym you join!

Still need convincing? Check out our members’ testimonial on our website 

If you’d like to start your fitness journey with LiftOff, please get in touch. We can’t wait to start working with you!


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