LiftOff Gym: The three pillars of success

Everyone in business thinks they have the best solution for your problem. Whether it’s the latest tech providers or the convenient online ordering company. At LiftOff, we think we are best equipped to make you fitter and healthier in the long term. And that is no simple task. Our clients come from very different starting points, with their own challenges and mindsets. But we feel we have established the three pillars of what is needed to help just about everyone. We’ve got pretty good at delivering them too.

LiftOff Pillar 1: Relationships

We are a business built on relationships. Sure we have a unique set up with excellent programming, but we know the most important thing is the ability of our coaching team to connect and empathise. The power of a one-to-one relationship between a coach and their client is strong. The extra guidance and support can make all the difference. At LiftOff, we assign each client with the same coach from day one. Firstly, they get to know you and your background. Then they help to manage your training through regular personal contact, group sessions and one-to-one sessions throughout the year. Only through this extra care and attention can a genuine relationship develop where a coach understands your life commitments, preferences in training and challenges.

It’s our job to know the whole person, supporting them however we can.

LiftOff Pillar 2: Coaching

At LiftOff, you will receive two phases of coaching. Both are equally important to your overall fitness journey. The first phase post sign-up is the one-to-one coaching. This is where we teach you good movement and develop your skills to a level you’ll feel happy and confident to train by yourself or in a group setting. After this initial stage, your one-to-one sessions become more about managing your training. You will work on developing your skills and set targets. Most importantly, your coach will help you understand what could be holding you back in achieving your health and fitness goals. In this setting, you will gain the knowledge and skills that empower you to make progress. The ongoing “check-in” sessions provide dedicated time to help you stay on track and discuss anything that’s not appropriate for a group setting.

As a team we spend a lot of time honing our understanding of coaching. This is not just in terms of movement but also behaviour change principles. This ensures we are best equipped to help all our clients, no matter their ability level or background.

LiftOff Pillar 3: Community

Whilst making friends isn’t the driving force behind why people join an exercise class, it sometimes happens. At LiftOff we understand the power of community and the positive feeling of being welcomed and supported by everyone in the room. I’ve already emphasised the important role a coach plays in keeping you on track. Having peers supporting and encouraging you can totally change your attitude to fitness. Like I said, “sometimes” this happens in normal classes, but often it’s after a long time and that’s if you haven’t already encountered the often “clicky” atmosphere that can develop in these environments. At LiftOff we are proud to say we have cultivated a unique, inclusive and like-minded community. Partner workouts, social events and a dedicated coffee bar for before and after sessions are all part of what we do to nurture this supportive environment.

At LiftOff we combine these three pillars to get the absolute best for you in terms of results and value. Our approach to personal training and group classes sets us apart from other fitness providers. We are always adapting and improving our service.

If you haven’t worked with us before make sure you drop us a message and find out how we can help you.

Coach James