How to Lose Unwanted Body Weight Forever? Ask a (LiftOff) Coach

“So, Coach Mike, is this workout going to help me burn fat and lose weight?” Or, “This type of workout isn’t helping me burn fat and lose weight, so why should I do it Coach Mike?” I’ve been faced with these questions far more times than I can count, and every time, I give roughly the same answer: “well, it depends”. And that’s the simple truth. It depends on so many things that I feel an analogy is the best way to help explain.

Let’s say you set yourself the goal to lose body fat, or, to use the terminology most people prefer, to lose weight. Now for that analogy: building a house. All houses need a solid foundation, such as bricks. Let’s say that workouts are the bricks (stay with me here). Technically, you can build houses these days without bricks, right? Just like you can lose weight without working out. Except, it really helps. Is there a limit to how many bricks you can lay in a day? Absolutely, just like how you can workout too much or too hard so that it’s no longer beneficial. However, you can’t build a house with just bricks alone. They may be the foundation, the first thing on the list, but it isn’t the only thing that the house is made of. Do you see where I’m going with this?

How to Lose Weight – The Boring Bits?

There’s more to equating building houses to losing body fat, to comparing bricks and workouts. Although the workouts are important, they’re not actually entirely necessary. Nor are they the only part of the equation if you do happen to have them at your disposal. Here he comes with the boring bits! It’s important you hone in on other aspects too. Sleep, daily stress and nutrition play such vital roles that they should never be overlooked.

Performing workouts that are only ever physically and mentally difficult, that leave you gasping for air and sore for days, will not yield results. You will become neither lean as a bean nor as strong as an ox. “Well, what do I need to do then” I hear you ask? The key is to be able to do things you can commit to consistently. Establish daily habits of eating well, achieving good quality sleep and moving in a way that is sustainable, forever. If what you’re currently doing seems too daunting to repeat forever, then it isn’t sustainable. And when it stops, the things you achieved from it will stop too.

Weight Loss and the LiftOff Focus

Here at LiftOff, we focus on changes that are sustainable. We nudge people towards new habits, not Sparta kick them. We help them grow slowly so that their changes add up to make long-term results. The path to achieving these results is going to differ from person to person, which means everyone will be advised on a slightly different route. However, the principles are the same:

1. Align sleep with your natural biological clock.

2. Eat enough to maintain daily function, to thrive, long before you begin to eat less to lose weight.

3. Accumulate only as much stress as you can overcome. Keep track to see if everything you’re doing is going up or down. This includes all areas that we perceive stress; emotional, physical, relational, existential, mental and environmental (and not just your workouts)!

If you want to lose unwanted weight forever, it is not as simple as focussing on workouts and food. But don’t be overwhelmed. Get yourself a coach who can help you work towards achieving your goal. We’re here for you at LiftOff where we won’t let you succumb to another deathly workout… unless you’re doing it for fun!

Coach Mike