Dealing With Injury

Injuries are a part of life when you are involved in any form of physical exercise. If you take part in sport or exert yourself in physical activity with any sort of regularity then the likelihood is you will pick up an injury at some point. This is something that I have learned the hard way!!

There are two types of injury broadly speaking, acute and chronic. Acute is a sudden, sharp onset of pain caused normally by sudden trauma to the body. Think an ankle sprain as you slip whilst running, broken leg in a rugby tackle, torn achilles as you rebound a box jump. Chronic injuries tend to come on more slowly and often start as a bit of a small, niggling pain that is ignored by the athlete but which progressively becomes worse so that eventually it is as much of a hinderance as an acute injury.

Both can be pretty frustrating to deal with and obviously there are hundreds of different ways that you can injure yourself. What I want to focus on is how an injury can affect an athlete mentally and physically and some advice for how to deal with it, here are just a few quick tips for getting through it:

  • Deal with it. Do something to get it better, go and see a sports injury specialist, get some advice from a coach on initial management of the injury and do as instructed. In the initial stages be very cautious with it.
  • Accept it! Yes life is unfair and you were just getting really good at your oly lifting and it was all coming together nicely but it has happened. We have to accept it and try to get out of the self pity phase ASAP. Feeling sorry for yourself is pointless and achieves nothing, trust me, I’ve been there!!
  • Start to rehab it. Initally rest can be best, but almost always there is something you can physically do to help rehabilitate your injury. Seek specialist advice from someone you trust and follow it!
  • Keep training. You injured your shoulder, you didn’t paralyse yourself from the neck down! Keep training, it will keep you sane and will promote better recovery. At LiftOff we will always be able to scale around any injury, even if it does mean a lot of airdyne 🙂


  • Every cloud…..Use this as an opportunity to focus on your weaknesses. If you have hurt your shoulder, then lets start working on that squat, pick some targets you want to achieve that don’t involve your injury.
  • Stick with it. Sometimes it will seem like a long slog with no end in sight, but it will get better. Patience is vital and rushing it will only make the injury worse.
  • Come back slow. If you have been away from full training for more than a few weeks you will need to build up slowly, jumping back in will leave you open to re injuring yourself or causing a new injury, bad news! Take it slow and you will be back where you were very quickly.

Generally speaking being injured sucks, but it will get better, if you are smart about rehab and training around it carefully.