Covid 19 update

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Covid 19 update

After the longest, toughest few months known to us all in the fitness industry, the government has at last announced we can re-open our doors from Saturday 25th July. We couldn’t be any more excited to welcome you back properly inside the gym and return to a much more ‘normal’ level of service. Our biggest priority is of course to keep our members and coaching team safe while we operate during this pandemic. We will, to the best of our abilities, adhere to the government’s published safety guidelines, our approach to which we wanted to set out for you in this update.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment:
We have carried out our mandatory health and safety risk assessment, which has allowed us to identify sensible measures we need to implement to help control the risk of  transmission of COVID-19. These measures are outlined below:

One-way Entry and Exit Routes:
To aid social distancing rules, we ask that you now enter and exit LiftOff using the large shutter doors only. The shutters will be left open at all times during classes, to help provide a good level of continuous ventilation. We ask that members enter the facility on the left hand side of the shutter door and exit on the opposite side. Clear signage and floor markings will be provided as a reminder throughout the facility.

If you do need to use the toilet whilst you’re on site, please just follow the one-way system down the hallway, and then, when leaving the toilet, turn left to exit through the glass door (which will be left wedged open) and re-enter via the shutter doors. Members are reminded to carry out thorough hand washing procedures having used the facilities. Only one member will be permitted to use the toilet facilities at any one time.

Hand sanitising:
On arrival you will find a hand sanitising station which we ask all members to use at the start of each class. This will be located just inside the shutter door on the left hand side of the gym. It is also recommended that you sanitise your hands again before you leave. Sanitiser will also be available on the “exit” side of the shutter door.

Social Distancing Measures, Class Sizes and Workout Spaces:
The government guidelines stipulate that occupancy of a gym should be limited by providing a minimum of 100 square foot per person. We have therefore marked out designated workout areas on our gym floor to accommodate these dimensions. This has also guided our decision to limit class sizes to 8 people maximum. We hope you will be supportive of this policy and understand that it is to ensure safety.

As we mentioned in previous communications, the whiteboard has been replaced by two new television screens linked to the Wodify system. The daily WOD will be displayed on the screen but we ask that members avoid crowding round the screens at any stage during the class. The on-duty coach will read out the details of the WOD when all class participants are standing in their designated workout space. Members will be asked to perform their workouts standing side on rather than face-to-face. All gym equipment (e.g. rowers, assault bikes etc) will be appropriately spaced to comply with social distancing guidelines. Post-use sanitising will be required (see below).

Each class will run for 45 minutes, allowing for a 15 minute changeover period to avoid over crowding and allow for kit cleaning to be carried out.

For those who do not yet find themselves able to make it back to the gym, we will be maintaining one daily ‘At Home’ class at 7.30am, Monday to Friday, for the time being. The maximum capacity on this class will also be 8 people to ensure quality of coaching.

Saturday Yoga Class:
Our fantastic yoga instructor, Ashleigh Mayes, is equally excited to be able to return to LiftOff to run our weekly Saturday class from 3.00pm until 4.00pm. Attendance will be limited to 8 people. It is also recommended attendees bring their own yoga mats.

Kit Sanitisation and General Cleaning Regimes:
Our coaching team will be militant in their cleaning of equipment pre and post classes but we ask that you help in this effort by sanitising any kit you use during a session. Blue paper towels and spray disinfectant will be provided for this purpose. The daily WODs will be designed to minimise kit sharing or at least allow sufficient time to sanitise the kit where there is cross-over.

We have engaged a new cleaning company who will be providing a high quality, daily service plus a thorough deep clean of the facility the day before we re-open.

Use of Changing Rooms:
The government has advised avoiding use of changing and shower facilities where possible so could we please ask that you arrive in sports kit and travel home to change/shower. Our kitchen area will be available but we ask that only one person use the facility at a time.

Playing Music:
To avoid people needing to raise their voices to each other (and potentially increase the risk of transmission), we will be keeping the volume of our background music at a much lower level to normal.

Purchasing Merchandise:
Payment for the goods we sell at LiftOff (typically protein bars and canned drinks) will continue to be taken through the contactless Izettle system as before. Please just ensure you wipe down the fridge door handle if you do purchase our drinks. Any concerns at all, please just speak to the on-duty coach.

Children in the Gym:
We are usually happy to accommodate members’ children waiting in our chill-out area whilst parents attend classes, but we feel we can longer support this policy in the interests of social distancing and infection control. Again, we appreciate this may cause issues during the upcoming summer holiday period but we hope you will understand our decision.

Our Expectations of You: 
We will need you to play your part in taking all reasonable measures to comply with social distancing and hygiene measures at all times, before, during and after attending classes at LiftOff. Please wait in your car or at a suitable distance outside of the gym‘s entrance until the start time of the class and leave promptly after. If you are feeling unwell, have a temperature or are displaying any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, please remain at home and self quarantine as per government advice. Our use of Wodify as a booking system means we are able to comply with track and trace protocol.

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