If you’re in pain, you SHOULD train…most of the time!
To many, this statement might seem at odds. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that as each case is dependent on the individual. However, in most cases, training whilst you have pain is actually beneficial. This should not be confused with training through pain. There’s a big difference! Pain is common, NORMAL and
Injury Active Clinic welcomes new Sports Therapist at LiftOff CrossFit
As some of you may be aware Coach Craig runs Injury Active Clinic when he isn’t at LiftOff coaching and he has expanded his clinic to open up above the gym at LiftOff CrossFit. He has hired Jessica Woodhouse, a graduate Sports Therapist to run the clinic full time. At LiftOff we are very excited
Pullups – Kipping or Strict?
      When discussing kipping, its best first to address the various posts, comments and general discussion there are across the Internet on “is kipping a good idea?”. This question has got people heated on both sides, general fitness culture and bodybuilding consider kipping to be a “cheat”, some other fitness professionals and therapists