Bracing for Deadlift

why it matters


The deadlift as we we have mentioned in previous posts is the daddy of big lifts, of the powerlifting movements this should always be the highest loaded, in addition there is no other conventional lift that puts more of a direct loads on the back. To ensure this movement has its desired training response we need to make sure you go through a system that allows you to lock down and “brace” all necessary muscle to protect your spine.


top down set up

For all beginners this is the prefered way to prepare for the deadlift, body awareness is king and you are most aware of where your body is in space whilst standing straight upright.


Dress the bar as usual for a deadlift, for extra activation of your upper back to prevent shoulders rounds forward during the lift, take a second to adopt a frankenstein pose, pull your shoulders back and down and squeeze your lats, keep this position as you lever at your hip and bend your knees to the bar.


As soon as your hands reach the bar grip tight with a double overhand or mixed grip and pull.


down up set up

This is a technique for more experienced lifters looking to get momentum on the bar for extra kgs.


Dress the bar in the same way again, if using straps, wrap the bar and rotate until tight. ensure feet are in correct position and take a deep breath down into your belly, if new to the movement take a second to set the hips in the correct position where you feel your hamstrings and upper back under tension. For extra speed on the pull go from a relaxed bottom position to uptaking the weight of the bar and lifting straight away.